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Are you looking for clothing that follows the latest fashion trends? Come out to see the women's clothing collections of the fashion wholesaler Ashley.
From Monday to Saturday, Ashley, fashion wholesaler welcomes you in their showroom, located on Avenue de New York at CIFA Aubervilliers, Europe's biggest ready-to-wear wholesale business centre. You are sure to find the models you are looking for!
Whether you are looking for clothing that is more classic, trendy, casual or chic, the fashion wholesaler Ashley will provide you with the appropriate models.
Distributor, retailer, independent shop owner or buyer? Simplify your buying, manage your budget and centralise your purchases at the ready-to-wear wholesalers of the CIFA centre!

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CIFA Center Magasin 146
8 rue de la Haie Coq
93300 Aubervilliers

+33 1 43 52 66 99
Ashley - CIFA - MAGASIN 146

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Map of CIFA Center


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