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Are you looking for clothing manufacturers and wholesalers specialised in women's ready-to-wear, men's ready-to-wear, lingerie, footwear, leather goods and fashion accessories? Find all the latest fashion trends in over 250 wholesale import export boutiques at CIFA Aubervilliers, the biggest international wholesale business centre! More than just distributors, many of the 250 wholesalers established there are also true fashion designers. They welcome you in spacious showrooms to present all the ready-to-wear collections that will be the fashion of tomorrow! Come out soon to meet them!


Women wholesalers

Wholesaler H3
Wholesaler NT Fashion
Wholesaler Jaune Rouge
Wholesaler Charme H&N
Wholesaler Tailya
Wholesaler Danity
Wholesaler Madison Paris
Wholesaler 101 Idées
Wholesaler Golden Days
Wholesaler JCL
Wholesaler Ciminy
Wholesaler Chic Nana

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Plus size


Leather goods

Men wholesalers

Wholesaler  Sweewë Men
Wholesaler  Jeel France
Wholesaler  Fiarino
Wholesaler  HOPENLIFE
Wholesaler  Jean Story
Wholesaler  Sixth June

Men selection