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Specialised in wholesale or retail, the accessories wholesaler Bleu Turquoise welcomes you on Avenue de Paris from Monday to Saturday in their space reserved for professionals at the CIFA Aubervilliers, Europe's biggest ready-to-wear centre.
The fashion accessories wholesaler Bleu Turquoise offers a broad selection of products including belts, glasses, hats, scarves and costume jewellery.
Trendy or classic, you will find collections of quality accessories that are continuously updated to adapt to the current market fashion and all at the best prices!
Take advantage of the experience of accessories wholesaler Bleu Turquoise to offer your customers original models and restock as often as you like.

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Bleu Turquoise

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CIFA Center Magasin 59
8 rue de la Haie Coq
93300 Aubervilliers

+33 1 43 52 88 86
Bleu Turquoise - CIFA - MAGASIN 59

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Map of CIFA Center

Map of CIFA Center

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