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Présentation du grossiste JS Millenium

Are you an independent professional, retailer or buyer, looking for a ready-to-wear wholesaler to restock your fashion items?
Discover the ready-to-wear wholesaler JS Millenium at CIFA Aubervilliers Fashion Business Centre from Monday to Saturday.
Ready-to-wear wholesaler JS Millenium offers you a vast selection of clothing. Trendy, classic, original, unique will have so much to choose from! Come out to make your selection in the Long showroom!
Don't hesitate to contact JS Millenium, a CIFA ready-to-wear wholesaler, or visit the boutique directly.

JS Millenium

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CIFA Center Magasin 3032-3033
5B rue de Saint Gobain
93300 Aubervilliers

+33 1 48 39 11 01
JS Millenium - CIFA - MAGASIN 3032-3033

Map of CIFA Center

Map of CIFA Center

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