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Are you looking for the latest trends in ready-to-wear? Are you looking for clothing and fashion accessories that will be your next best-sellers, unique and original models?
The ready-to-wear wholesaler Moody's will show you their collections of clothing and regularly updated collections to offer you the widest selection and adapt to fashion trends!
Visit ready-to-wear wholesaler Moody's at the CIFA Aubervilliers Fashion Business Centre, Europe's biggest ready-to-wear wholesale business centre, from Monday to Saturday at CIFA 3.


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CIFA Center Magasin 3005
5B rue de Saint Gobain
93300 Aubervilliers

+33 9 80 88 81 58
Moody's - CIFA - MAGASIN 3005

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Map of CIFA Center

Map of CIFA Center

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